На зарисовку Сладкого.
опять буду удивлять своей способностью эмпатии

i run away
and doesn’t metter what can happend
another day
i'll take you darling by the hand
and can i wish
to be much better then i am
but now i know
you're so undreamt-of how can i pretend

how can I pretend

the hope’s
salvation ocean in my heart
no one
can change that truth in my mind

just give me a chance,
and at one of the saddest days
I’ll give you hope,
I'll take you from here
far away

as the eighth wonder of the world,
my soul rejoices
and sings love songs like a bird

I hope our love
will find its own universe.
I look above.
See walking in the clouds white horse

Голосом Метта Беллами)